Tristan Baldwin vs. Raging Beast

Bro Battle

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Let’s be honest, Tristan Baldwin has been a fixture in the underground wrestling scene for a long time. The experience he has during a match can be matched by few people. Conversely, Raging Beast is a newcomer. But he is hungry to make a name for himself. This is truly a new guard vs. old guard contest. Each combatant displays just what it is that makes them who they are. Tristan uses his experience to it’s utmost with his wily moves and vast knowledge of exactly how to make his opponent suffer. In reply, Raging Beast uses his youthful energy and impressive strength to turn the tables as well.

Neither side has a distinct advantage as the control switches from individual to individual. Moves, countermoves, holds, reversals occur fast and often, each sizing the other up, looking for the opening to put the other down for good.

Will experience win the day with Tristan? Or are we watching the advent of a new star in Raging Beast? I will only say that there is a definitive winner, and the other may need to rethink their continuation in the wrestling world.

Total Running Time: 30 minutes, 37 seconds

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