Zach Reno vs. Blake Starr

NHB Fights

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Zach Reno (5'6", 160 lbs, New Jersey)
Blake Starr (5'11", 164 lbs, Florida)

It’s not often you see either Zach Reno or Blake Starr step on the mat and not immediately start trash talking their opponent. In fact, it is one of the first tools they usually pull out of their toolbelt to try and get their opponent off balance from a psychological point of view. However, here, the two are on the mat, totally silent, stretching right up until the battle is joined.

It is not long before one of the grapplers has amassed a 3 fall lead over their opponent. Through a series of devastating arm bars and stretches, the other wrestler comes barreling back. But will it be enough to overtake their opponent and win? Only time, and the timer, will tell for sure!

There is much to enjoy in this match. Both Zach and Blake have hard well defined bodies, and they are especially enhanced when glistening with sweat throughout the match. An extended spladle shows off Blake for all to see…..and there is plenty to see! I very satisfying entry in the NHB series!

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 35 seconds

*Video is blurry for 50% of the video

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