Garrett Thomas vs. Sgt. Stiff


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Garrett is showing off his near 0% fat body in the middle of the ring while the burley badass Sgt. Stiff gazes with excitement in the background. 

Sarge is rarely, if ever, impressed by this pretty boys with all their muscles and vanity. He's raw and real. Plenty of power hidden behind that bulging belly. He uses his deviant style to torture and torment his foes. Enjoying his time picking them apart piece by piece. 

Stiff targets Garrett's picture perfect abs with brutal gut punches and digs his fingers deep into his midsection with classic ab claw. Garrett writhes and winces in pain, but won't give up easily. This amuses and infuriates the powerhouse, which causes Sarge to change course of punishment. He locks his biceps around the neck of the vain victim in numerous anaconda like sleeper holds. Garrett can't fight it forever and eventually loses consciousness, which excites and amuses Stiff even more.

Now comes the time to humiliate the weakened and weary foe. Sgt. Stiff puts his stinky armpits in the face and mouth of the near defeated opponent. That's not enough though and Sgt. Stiff gives a stink face to the hot shot showoff.

What's better than destroying your opponent? Well, if you ask Sgt. Stiff, humiliating him is just as good...and probably his favorite part of stepping between the ropes.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 37 seconds

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