Ace Owens vs. Cam Zagucci vs. Chase Sinn (Every Man For Himself)


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Boy-next door Cam Zagucci and curly-haired prince Ace Owens are pretty, but easy prey. These two buddies came to double team Chase Sinn. Simple, right? Along comes especially experienced, sexy, bearded Chase Sinn, bounding into the ring like a trickster spirit in a blur of red speedos...ready to sew seeds of distrust between the fancy boys. 

This match has more twists and turns than a Shakespearean plot-line, with Chase befuddling the thick boys through fast talk and effective gesturing. Again and again he invites them both to attack him, only to swiftly convince them to fight each other instead! As Chase squeezes the spirit out of Zagucci, Owens finds himself whaling on Zagucci, too.

Bulldog, double bulldog, armpit eating, stomping, double armbars, and tons of sweaty kicks, bearhugs, and whips. Even lying on the floor in pain, Chase uses his last breath to convince the boys to turn on each other. 

Chase’s deceptions grow deeper and stranger and the match progresses, making dudes tap by literally grabbing their hand and forcing their hands to tap! Finally the boys get wise to Chase’s games, but now Chase knows their physical weaknesses. Can they outwit a master wrestler, who is apparently a master manipulator too?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 24 minutes