Ace Owens vs. Nathan FX


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Childhood buds Ace Owens and Nathan FX have a history of youthful scraps to remember. Chillin’ on the sofa in the mat room, neither one seems to want to directly ask the other for a match. Finally prettyboy Owens manages to cough up a challenge. 

“I think I could take you, man.” 

“Once a bitch, always a bitch,” says Nathan, grinning. 

It’s boots vs. bare feet in this fun grapplefest. You’ll be smiling too, watching the pure joy on these guy’s faces as they roll around, lockup, and wrestle like we all used to back in the day. 

Ace secures some well-applied holds. Half nelsons rule the day, until Nathan finds himself in some compromising positions...ass up, face burried in an armpit, forced to eat a heaping helping of Owen’s sweaty dick while caught in a facepin. Awkward spladles and demands for screams of pain lead to still more facesitting and ass-to-ass aggression...and still these dudes never stop smiling. 

It’s an artful combination of total competitiveness and a fun buddy fight in this aggressive battle for supremacy that ends in a final sleeper that leaves nobody wondering who the better man is.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes