Angel vs. Drew Harper

Bro Battle

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What’s a person got to do to get some restful sleep? Drew Harper is asleep in his bed when Angel comes along and informs him that he is sleeping in his bed, and Angel needs to move. Needless to say, Drew is not happy with having his slumber interrupted, but neither is Angel happy about his bed being occupied. After a quick rear headlock by Angel, Drew turns the table and Angel is forced to tap.

Drew thinks he is going back to sleep, but Angel doesn’t give up easily and is once again at Drew. The bout moves to the floor of the bedroom with gut punches, ball claws and shoulders to the midsection. Once again Drew gets Angel to tap, but like a pesky mosquito that won’t go away, Angel is once again at Drew when he tries to go back to sleep.

Choking the blond haired stud, Drew finally falls to the bigger wrestler and is subjected to some of the dirty tricks he had just used on Angel. This eventually incenses Drew and something appears to snap in him and he goes at Angel in a final assault using leg scissors and a devastating arm bar. A few well placed gun punches while Angle is prone a choke hold and a sleeper hold finally has a winner declared and the loser is forced to crawl out of the bedroom defeated.

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 42 seconds

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