Angel vs. Joey Nux

Bro Battle

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You would be hard pressed to find two more perfect specimens of a body than Angel and Joey Nux. And so when they two find themselves on the mat, they begin by admiring the other person. A brief feeling out process begins with the other trying to ascertain exactly what skills the other has, but the slightly larger Nux manages to control Angel in the beginning of the match.

Angel is new to the underground wrestling scene and although he has a few spurts of domination, he finds he is outmatched by the more experienced Nux. An arm wrestling contest fails to name a winner and Joey decides he would rather enjoy playing with his opponent instead. Angel does not submit easily though and he scratches and claws his was out of the bigger Nux’s holds at several opportunities.

Will the experience and slightly larger size of Nux win the day and leave the ripped Angel humiliated or does Angel manage to surprise the veteran and eke out a victory against all odds. There is grudging respect given in this match, but in the end there can only be one victor. One walks off the mat the winner, the other to ponder what happened while in dreamland.

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 30 seconds

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