Angel vs. Mark Muscle

Bro Battle

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Take a tank, cover it with muscle and skin and you have the mountain of a man known as Mark Muscle. With abs of armor he is virtual machine on the mat. If we’ve learned anything about Angel though it is that he often doesn’t understand when the odds are against him, which is an asset to have confidence, but often results in him being virtually outmatched.

Fair play to Angel though, he gives as good as het gets and has learned the ultimate lesson when facing bigger men: get them off their feet. Mark Muscle spends a good deal of the match on the mat, giving Angel the opportunity to stretch and bend him in ways I think the big man has rarely been stretched and bent before. Mark seems surprised by the tenacity of Angel and eventually resorts to a low blow to try and even the odds.

We’ve seen these bursts of offense from Angel before though, and in the end his bigger more experienced opponents have always come out on top. Angel is determined to not have that be the case today though and he seems extra pumped to ensure his success. Does he bring the bigger Mark Muscle down or will the story be the same for Angel? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Total Running Time: 21 minutes, 35 seconds

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