Baron Badcock vs. Red Scorpion


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Baron Badcock (Ricky Vegas) looks sexy as hell in a blue thong, his massive man meat clearly taking up a lot of space in there. Red Scorpion (Dimitri Darkthorn) is brought to his knees, his pecs abused by the much smaller stud. Badcock sits on Scorpion’s chest and abuses his balls, leaving him broken and afraid. 

Badcock punches the Scorpion in the back, then returns to ball abuse. Amazingly, Badcock closes his arm around Scorpion’s neck, and is lifted up himself, strangling from behind while still on Red Scorpion’s back. Power gauntlets are stripped away, leaving Scorpion utterly weak. 

Even so, he can still struggle to his feet and exact his revenge upon the small Badcock by lifting him up and swinging him around...only to find himself back under Badcock’s control.

Scorpion eventually strips the Scorpion of his trademark pants, leaving him especially vulnerable in only a thong. The perfect match for fans of big vs. small! 

Total Runtime - 20 minutes, 34 seconds