Blake Starr vs. Max Ryder (Bro Battle)


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Blake and Max start with just a little fun, some slaps, some quick pec claws, some poses. Max is the first to move from “fun” to a more serious game as he does a reverse bearhug on Blake. This quickly escalates to both grapplers on the mat swapping move for move. Once on top of Blak, Max brings out the claws again, progressing from pecs to abs. Head scissors, a full nelson and bodies stretched beyond their normal limits follow, leaving both wrestlers exhausted. A low blow finally disentangles the two hard bodies.

One low blow deserves another and soon Blake is posing over the fallen Max, but his advantage doesn’t last long. Max soon regains the upper hand and a few knees to the balls have Blake in some serious pain. Left writhing on the mat, Max soon puts Blake into a painful Boston crab. This is soon countered and Blake is on the offense again punishing Max.

Two very equally matched wrestlers of comparative similar size go toe to toe and hold to hold on the mat. Who will come out victorious? Devastating sleeper holds, a pretty boy (or two) unconscious on the mat, a trip to the refrigerator, the winner feasting not only on his beaten opponent but a nice slice of pizza and cameo appearances by several other Bro Battle superstars all make this a match not to be missed.

Total Run-time: 28 minutes, 24 seconds