Blake Starr vs. Scrappy vs. Christian Thorn (Thongs)


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Nobody knows how to work a white thong quite like lean, sinewy Blake Starr. Nobody knows how to work a red thong quite like fireplug powerhouse Scrappy. And nobody works a black thong quite like “Aladdin on Steroids” powerhouse Christian Thorn. These barefoot bruisers are bready to beat and batter each other like the pros they are, the action made sexier with bare feet, bulging packages, and exposed, bouncing butt cheeks!
The camera gets in close to give you every inch of bare, muscular perfection and flawless assplay as these three powerful dudebros circle like wolves in the wild and wrestle like men. Windpipes are crushed, knees plow into abs, fists fly, and butts are clenched tight as thigh muscles are clamped on hard and losers eat heaping helpings of manly ass. 

Scrappy leg scissors Thorn, making his strain and grunt like a pig while Starr watches in glee. Scrappy is thrown, his big, meaty butt quivering as he struggles to regain his footing. Starr rides Scrapp like a pony, flexing at every opportunity as sweat courses down his hairy, chiseled chest. Soon it’s a free for all of brutal beatings, sweaty rolling, humiliating holds, and asses and bulges everywhere! 
Total Runtime: 30 minutes