Cash vs. Gunnar

Bro Battle

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When Cash meets Gunnar on the mats the trash talking is almost instantaneous. Push ups move to arm wrestling which moves to one of the combatants taking advantage of the other. Although Gunnar may be the more powerful of the two, his disadvantage in the height department is something Cash is more than willing to exploit. A pin of the smaller man and Cash is suddenly ahead in the falls tally.

But when they both are in the upright position and it is strength against strength, Gunnar proves he can bring Cash down to the mat and work him over for a spell. Once again in a standing position, the action moves to the pool when Gunnar is pushed into the water. Cash soon joins him and some tests of strength move the duo back to the mat before Gunnar returns the favor and deposits Cash into the water with an overhead fireman’s carry to a slam.

Soon it becomes clear that the only way one of these two will score the final win is if they put their opponent out for good. A full nelson turns into a choke with one of the pool toys and then into a sleeper hold which has their opponent soon taking a trip to “Slumbertown”. He deposits the unconscious individual on the edge of the pool and takes a little time to pose, even if his opponent can’t enjoy the view….but we can!

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 01 second

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