Cash vs. Joey Nux

Bro Battle

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Cash is in a lawn chair at the edge of the pool soaking in the rays. Enter Joey Nux who just happens to be in the mood to take someone on. It is not long before his trash talking has Cash joining him on the mat and the two are set to go at one another. Both have impressive physiques and so a strength test begins the contest. With no clear winner another round begins and this time Cash brings the bigger Nux down to the mat.

Nux is not easily defeated and the two end up back up vertical for a third go round. This time the trash talking Nix, clad in a rose print speedo< starts to put Cash through his paces. Stretching Cash from behind several times (and each time a little bit further), Nux converts the hold into a sleeper hold and soon Cash is struggling to breathe. Moments later the muscled stud is out cold.

That’s not the end, however. Nux wakes Cash up, waters down the mats for another go round, and totally dominates Cash for the remainder of the match. Leg scissors between the python-like legs of Nux

leave Cash virtually out on his feet and Nux feels as though he has played with his toy enough and deposits him back in the lawn chair to recover from his punishment.

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 24 seconds

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