Chace LaChance vs. Ethan Andrews (Back Attack)

Hero Hunks

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What is it about a hot, hairy, athletic man in sweaty athletic socks? Flawless Chace pulls his red stripe-top socks over his hairy man’s calves with sensual satisfaction. He knows he looks hot as hell in his glistening white sneakers, stroking his socks and flexing his tattooed thighs. It doesn’t get much hotter than that...until the hottest man on the mats, Ethan Andrews, enters

Andrews is barefoot and boastful, challenging the hairy hunk to a test of strength that brings both bros together, grinding chests and grunting with the strain of muscle-on-muscle. Soon Wheeler finds himself twisted up like a pretzel in Andrews’ grip, tossed and tangled up until he’s begging for freedom. Andrews, naturally, ain’t finished yet!

Backbreakers, nelsons, camel clutches and clamped pecs! Andrews’ bare feet dig deeply into Chace’s lower back and he stretches his arms and legs into positions of impossible pain. Handgags and bearhugs weaken Chace even more, before Andrews decides to torture him by constantly pulling down his prized socks! It’s barefoot bruiser vs. sock-wearing stud!

Run-time: 22 minutes, 25 seconds