DJ Beckham Jr vs. Gabe Steele (Bedroom Battle)


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One of the favorite setting for a Bro Battle is the bedroom. What starts as just some idle chit chat turns into a bearhug challenge between the two evenly matched wrestlers. First person to get 10 tap outs wins. DJ gets out of the gate quickly putting Gabe into a bearhug that and he quickly submits. This is followed by a tap out by DJ and the game is on!

Inventive ways to do bearhugs are displayed. Standing, kneeling on the bed, front bearhugs, reverse bearhugs, on the floor, on the bed, you name it and they manage to find ways to do it! I am not sure either of them really thought through the pain it would put on each of their backs.

After several back and forths, eventually a winner is declared. Who is it? The smaller wily DJ Beckham or the bigger more powerful Gabe Steele? In the end, the only thing that is agreed upon is that the next challenge will involve beer.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 11 seconds