Drago vs. Colt

Hero Hunks

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Drago's thighs...abs...arms...damn! This dude is a vision of slick, hairless power as he flexes in a merman tail speedo, bare feet pointing and flexing to highlight every rippling muscle. He stands, looking saint-like in the light of the ring. Nothing can conquer this body. Nothing...except a little cold with some chloroform!

Colt is cute, a ball of energy and boyish charm, with golden hair and sunbaked skin. He's got a nice, natural musculature...which is hot on its own but pales in comparison with Drago's bodybuilder physique. The only way a cutie like Colt can conquer this clown is to keep him close. Sleepers seem like a safe choice, but Colt likes it when the big man wakes up...it gives him something to struggle against. Drago flails, fights, and strains for release...but the golden kid ain't havin' it.

Colt adjusts his trunks, showing off his own epic ass, as he coaxes his muscular toy into the corner for yet another sleeper hold. Drago kicks and flails, his package put on humiliating display as he's clenched between Colt's thighs. If you've ever fantasized about a boy destroying a bodybuilder, this is the vid for you! Â

Total Run Time: 19 minutes, 7 seconds