Drew Harper vs. Christian Thorn


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Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)
Drew Harper (6'1", 215 lbs, Texas)

There is something incredibly satisfy when a wrestler forces their opponent to tap out. It is the ultimate sign of victory and validation of one’s skills. In NHB, it is the only mark of success. The combatant with the greater number of tap outs wins the bout. In most wrestling matches, but especially in NHB, size and weight most often are the determining factor.

So, when Drew meets Christian on the mat and is a full head taller and heavier, you know it will be an uphill climb for the smaller Thorn to breakthrough and achieve any tap outs, much less an overall victory. But Christian is not totally without some skills and uses them to his every advantage.

After getting out to an early lead, Drew is seemingly coasting to a victory until he learns that although size and weight are most important, in mat wrestling, where the action is all on the mat size doesn’t mean as much. In the end though, Christian finds himself simply outclassed by the bigger grappler, succumbing to multiple submission holds. He certainly gets his share of tap outs from Drew, but I think this time it just wasn’t meant to be.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 24 minutes, 18 seconds