Ethan Andrews vs. Blake Starr


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Blake Starr (5'11", 164 lbs, Florida)
Ethan Andrews (5'11", 170 lbs, Wisconsin)

Blake stretches out in a camouflage string bikini, as Ethan joins him in a lime green speedo. Every angle of their bodies giving a great show of what’s to come! 

Poor Blake, he might be in over his head this time! Ethan is an underground wrestling star and should never be underestimated! While Blake might be the more defined, Ethan is definitely the more ruthless! He twists and locks and turns Blake into a human pretzel. His attacks are the definition of domination, leaving Blake quivering and coughing on the mat! 

As the submissions keep coming, you can tell Ethan is growing less and less respectful of his opponent. Ethan came for a real battle and Blake is definitely more concerned about his muscles than the match. After each mistake Blake makes, you see the aggravation in Ethan’s eyes. He wastes no time with beautiful submission holds! His legs lock around Blake and as he squeezes the pressure on him. Ethan doesn’t even break a sweat! 

Will Blake get a comeback and score against Ethan or will Ethan send Blake straight back to the gym covered in bruises, both to his body and pride? Find out! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 16 seconds