Gunnar vs. Gabe Steele

Bro Battle

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Gunnar is a smaller, compact, bundled up person of power that can hang with people much bigger than he since his arms and legs are so dangerous. Gabe Steele is quickly developing a reputation for an extremely confident, do whatever it takes to win wrestler. When the two get together on the mat, it is and interesting marriage of strength vs. determination.

Every time Gunnar gets the advantage Gabe manages to reverse it with a low blow or other cheap shot, and then when he has the advantage, Gunnar powers his way to the top again. Every move is countered, every countered is powered out of. Although several attempts at a three count are attempted, none are actually recorded.

If you are a fan of two conflicting styles going head to head for supremacy then you will thoroughly enjoy this match. The one skill the two do both possess – trash talking. Trash talking can’t win you any actual matches though, the skills on the mat have to follow. Both obviously have skills, but which one will win the day?

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 52 seconds

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