Iceman vs. Chase Sinn


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Iceman looks like something out of a Norwegian vacation catalogue. Blonde hair in an old school 90’s cut. Muscular frame that almost looks inflated. Deep dimples on a boyish face. He clearly thinks highly of himself. Too bad Chase Sinn’s his opponent.

Chase takes his time peeling himself out of his leather jacket, using the time to sizeup the taller, bigger challenger. Chase hands over his champion belt, revealing those manly abs that have made him a legend. Iceman is itching to fight, pacing the ring like a nervous kid with his speedos wedged in his butt. Chase senses the challenger’s nerves, and uses them to his advantage. It’s a game of cat and mouse...but Iceman doesn’t realize he’s the mouse. Chase winds his powerful python legs around the blonde bruiser’s body, entangling him like fly in a spiderweb, and closing his superior bicep tightly around his neck until Iceman’s inflated abs release.

Can the bigger man find the steam to live up to his boasting, or is Chase Sinn once again the champion?

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 28 seconds