Jax Brewer vs. Matty O'Boy


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Red-headed Matty O’Boy may be slim, pale, and petulant, but this dude is not to be underestimated. He’s gone toe-to-toe with his own boyfriend on more than one occasion and held his own, even exacting his own brand of sadistic punishment on his highly trained partner. Jax Brewer can’t picture the newbie holding his own against his flawless musculature and hairy virility, but O’Boy sees this bruiser as just another caveman he can outsmart. 

“Just because you have a fat ass doesn’t mean you’re good at wrestling,” observes O’Boy. That’s it! Brewer uses that powerful bod to obliterate, crush, twist, wrench, roll, wreck, and utterly ruin his skinny opponent. 

The sounds of desperate agony coming out of Matty O’Boy will have you concerned for his well-being...yet he never gives in. Suddenly, O’Boy has those rubbery arms wrapped around Brewer’s neck! They’re locked up and rolling around the mat like equals. Thick, tan, hairy legs interweave with slender pale legs. Bare feet twine and entangle as two very different body types school each other the strengths and limitations of their physical selves. 

There’s no point in filming the same match over and over again. This is a pairing that offers talented, fresh faces working through new challenges in a fight to the finish.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes