Jayden Mayne vs. The Mountain (Audition Night)


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We can relate to having a rough day at work. Whether it be the the subordinates or the boss, everyone puts up with a lot of shit in their 9-to-5.

Jayden has just finished a long day of manual labor. Ready to get some energy out, he shows up to a little-known spot in Northern New England, where he can roll around and work out the days frustrations. Unfortunately, The Mountain has had a rough day at work, too. Both men are not in the best of moods. It's been a long, hard winter in the north and misery is at an all-time high, or it would seem.

The Mountain is near 400 pounds, more than twice the size of his opposition, but that doesn't stop Jayden from accepting an arm wrestling match. Both men lie on the cold, filthy canvas and lock hands. Not satisfied with the results, a test of strength ensues.

Arrogance builds when The Mountain offers a free arm-bar to Jayden. A mistake, for certain. The Mountain is on the local pro wrestling circuit with a nice resume of mentors. On his way in the wrestling world, his dislike for the good-looking man, who stole his ring time is rising, too.

The match progresses with an intensity that boils over. Not happy with just a victory, The Mountain decides to destroy, flatten and squash his opponent to show his dominance. A force to be reckoned with, The Mountain has called out the best for a future match...if they dare.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes