Joey Nux vs. Gabe Steele (Nude)


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I could not wait to edit this video and release it for your viewing pleasure. I just finished putting the final touches on it and will be compressing the file to a more reasonable file size, but I couldn't wait and decided to let you have access to the video ASAP!

This afternoon, only 2 hours ago, I filmed the hottest video I’ve ever filmed. And it was the first match ever filmed in my brand new wrestling ring and at my official studio. I got to watch Gabe Steele and Joey Knox wrestle for 24 minutes in a loser MUST jerk off match.

Gabe just started off getting dominated by the much more muscular man. I got to see Joey display his strength and power with big body slams, brutal bear hugs and more! Unfortunately for Joey, Mr. Steel had a couple tricks up his sleeve...dirty ones at that.

The remainder of the match, Joey suffered mercilessly at the strong skilled hands of his foe. After the beating was done...and Joey was finally put out of his misery, I gleefully watched as he was obliged to do something that we have only imagined him doing since he walked into the wrestling world.

Joey strokes until he ejaculates all while myself and Gabe watch off screen. Gabe trash talks and commands the loser into the ultimate submission.

Total Run-time: 37 minutes, 57 seconds