Mark Muscle vs. Blake Starr (Bro Battle)

Bro Battle

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Mark Muscle is flexing admiring himself when Blake just wanders in to interrupt him. Soon Blake is on Mark’s shoulders being carried around like a rag doll. A couple of front and back bearhugs later and Blake is really feeling the power of the behemoth. After squatting with Blake on his shoulders, another bearhug and a lifting chokehold, Mark deposits Blake into the pool and the action moves to the water.

Although the setting has changed, Blake’s chances have not and he is tossed around unceremoniously in the water. A leg scissors and sleeper hold later, followed by some leg stretches and a full nelson and Blake finds the it is no easier to get air into his lungs in the water than it was on dry land. Blake tries to escape but at every turn Mark is on him to punish his pecs, lower back and any other part of Blake’s body he wishes.

Blake attempts to mount an offense but it serves absolutely no purpose. Although Blake has one of the most perfectly proportioned bodies in all of the underground wrestling scene, he quickly finds he is no match for pure power and strength in the form of Mark Muscle. Forced to submit to the big man multiple times, the final indignity is being choked out by a pool toy. Blake is left unconscious on the pool steps, just the latest of Mark’s victims to fall.

Total Running time: 20 minutes 27 second

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