Mark Muscle vs. Drew Harper (Bro Battle)

Bro Battle

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Drew Harper and Mark Muscle are playing a game of strip billiards. Every time a person sinks a ball the opponents has to remove another article of clothing. Mark Muscle gets the early advantage and Drew is eventually in a red bikini brief. When it comes down to Drew having to remove even that he refuses and Mark then decides to take his winnings out through a beatdown of the blond stud.

Mark is a huge man with a set of abs unequaled in the underground wrestling scene. His upper body is so powerful that Drew is basically begging for the pain to stop as Mark delivers bearhug after bearhug on the young man. A standing choke hold has Drew gasping for air. Dropped to the mat, Mark delivers a devastating wedgie and then chokes Drew to the point of near unconsciousness.

The remainder of the match is the slow deconstruction of Drew Harper as Mark pulls and pushes, and stretches Drew to new lengths. Even one of the pool sticks plays a role in Drew’s ultimate humiliation. In the end, the massive arms of Mark put the defeated Drew to sleep and ends his torture. A complete and utter beating you are sure to enjoy!

Total Running time: 21 minutes, 6 seconds

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