Mark Muscle vs. Z-Man (Bro Battle)

Bro Battle

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Mark Muscle is flexing for the camera with a tape measure around his neck to see exactly how mig he is. From out of nowhere comes water balloons and it soon is shown that the person responsible for them is none other than Z-Man. A test of strength quickly has the Z-Man on his knees and the challenge is on! Arm wrestling is next and once again, the Z-Man is on the losing side. Anyone who know Z-Man knows that he doesn’t like to lose and so while the big man is already on the mat, Z-Man starts to take advantage.

Wrestling 101 states that when wrestling a bigger man, keep them on the mat and take away their advantage. Z-Man has been in the underground wrestling scene for more than a decade and knows how to deal with every type of opponent. Using every move to weaken the bigger Mark Muscle, eventually Z-Man puts the big man out with a sleeper hold.

Anyone who follows Mark Muscle’s matches knows that it is not often that he is at the mercy of his opponent. But when matched against the experience of the Z-Man, he learns that it is not enough to just be the bigger, stronger man….you have to also have a plan to defend against a cagey individual like the Z-Man. Anyone who has always wanted to see Mark Muscle totally owned and defeated will want to definitely watch this match….you won’t be disappointed.

Total Running time: 19 minutes, 33 seconds

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