Mark Muscle vs. Zach Altovito (Bro Battle)

Bro Battle

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Mark Muscle is a huge specimen of a man. In fact, he is so large that as he is flexing for the camera you do not realize that Zach Altovito is behind him. When you finally see Zach, he proceeds to compare himself to Mark and challenges the bigger man to a match. A quick advantage to Mark is reversed and soon Mark is on the couch, a victim of Zach’s pec claws.

Mark hasn’t gotten to where he is without some skills of his own though, and Zach is soon on the receiving end of several strength moves himself. Back and forth the body builders go, until one is finally able to weaken his opponent to the point where they can defend themselves no longer. Trash stalking hits new heights until one final desperate low blow changes up the match entirely.

A perfect example of two body builders going at it full steam, trying to show which is the alpha male of the group and staking their claim to the top of the food chain. It is a pitched battle that comes down to the very end before one finally claims the victory as the other strives to get up off the mat!

Total Running Time: 23 minutes, 43 seconds

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