Scrappy & Cash vs. Angel & Gabe Steele (Bro Battle)

Bro Battle

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The Bro Battle guys are having fun in the pool with lots of the pool toys and beach balls. Before long a game of chicken in the pool is challenged, with Scrappy on Cash’s shoulders and Gabe on Angel’s shoulders. The game is on! A quick test of strength devolves into Scrappy being pushed into the pool and a double test of strength follows.

Soon Cash and Scrappy find themselves on the receiving end of a full nelson and at that point all out battle breaks out. Bodies are tossed around in the pool, pool toys are used to choke opponents and everyone decides that the water is not the best place to decide this fight. A move to the mats finds the four fighting for supremacy.

Two by two the duos take on each other with each combination possible taking place, but it is not long before the competitiveness in the four find them all back on the mat at the same going at each other. Only one team can be declared the winner however, and the losers find themselves asleep on the mat as the winners stand triumphantly over them.

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 30 seconds

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