Scrappy vs. Joey Nux (Bro Battle)

Bro Battle

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Clad in a very revealing tiger print bikini brief, Scrappy is on the mat waiting for his next opponent. Step into the frame Joey Nux. There is no pretense, nothing leading to the battle other than they two just want to take each other on. The trash talking is intense as the contest begins with an arm wrestling competition.

There are not many people who can compare to Scrappy’s body, but Joey Nux is one who can certainly be in that conversation. After losing the initial arm wrestling match, Scrappy begs for another, only to fall back to the tried and true tactic of cheating to get the advantage. Suddenly the bigger Nux is on the mat. Joey is not averse to trying some dirty tactics himself, however, and before long Scrappy is being choked by a garden hose.

Nux has almost a foot on the smaller Scrappy and he uses the size advantage to great lengths throughout the match, keeping the veteran’s advances at bay. Scrappy truly lives up to his namesake, however and in the end the wily veteran finds a way to knock the bigger man down to size and get him on the mat. Will the bigger size and strength win out, or will the cunning and years of experience Scrappy has accumulated overcome the larger man? One of the wrestlers is eventually left submitting to the other and begging to be released.

Total Running Time: 24 minutes, 54 seconds

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