Scrappy & Z-Man vs. Gabe Steele

Bro Battle

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Gabe Steele makes one of the cardinal mistakes a wrestler can ever make….he runs his mouth off against two extremely experienced underground wrestlers – Scrappy and the Z-Man. It is not long before he body starts paying the price of his mouth’s error. A scissor/figure four combo soon has Gabe begging for mercy. The duo go to work on the less experienced Steele with pec claws, a camel clutch, and a combo body slam/back breaker.

Stripped of his lime green speedo into an even smaller lime green thong, Steele is stretched and crotched clawed until he can take no more. Barely able to stand, Gabe is brought back down to the mat where he gives in to a devastating Boston crab. However, he hasn’t actually said the words, just tapped the mat, and Scrappy and Z-Man want the full humiliation of hearing him say the words, “I give up.”.

Will Steele actually say the magic words? Or does he hold out against the two heels? If you ever wanted to see Gabe Steel manhandled for almost 30 minutes, helpless to mount any offense whatsoever, then this video is just what you have been waiting for!

Total Running Time: 24 minutes, 0 seconds

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