Super Soldier & Detective Boy vs. Golden Guardian


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Super Soldier (Drew Harper) and barefoot Detective Boy (Blake Starr) are prisoners to the one and only Golden Guardian, played with magnificent charm by a breathtaking Jaxton Wheeler, who appears only a silver and gold speedo, cape, and boots.  Chained by the wrist, Detective Boy strains and struggles under the Guardian’s hot, sweaty facesitting...his sexy bare feet flexing uselessly. 

Super Soldier’s lip earns him an injection that renders him imobile. The Guardian has some fun making the heroes do things they wouldn’t normally do, such as making Detective Boy wrestle him in the cage, working him into a half nelson, then grabbing him by the hair and pounding his balls. Next comes the chloroform towel, as Guardian rocks his boy back and forth until he’s fast asleep. 

Super Soldier is punished pummelled until he’s stripped down to nothing but a tiny thong. Guardian has a blast pressing an unconscious Detective Boy down on top of a nearly naked Super Soldier, only to grind the passed out duo together in suggestive positions for his own amusement. This is one expertly handled punishment, dished out by an epic villain! 

Total Runtime - 21 minutes, 7 seconds