Travis vs. Scrappy (Bedroom Battle)


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Travis and Scrappy are fooling around on the bed when invariably the talk moves to who has the better body. I don’t think I have to tell you that neither is willing to give an inch on the other having a better body and both seem to want to prove their point any way they can. Trash talking gives way to stretched singlets, and stretched singlets give way to speedos before the fun is over.

Scrappy has been at this a lot longer, but Travis has one of the most defined physiques to come along in a while. Punches to the abdomen are exchanged and a helping hand is offered (and then turned into a chance to cheat) between the two. It seems who has the best body is now just a forgotten thing; humiliating the other person has become the new order of the day.

Scrappy has been at this a long time. Travis, not so much, but with each appearance he seems more and more comfortable dishing out the punishment and willing to take the steps necessary to do what needs to be done to defeat his opponent. Whether or not he has what it takes here is very much still an open question, you’ll have to watch and find out. I will tell you one stud ends up put to sleep in a head scissor by their opponent with the winner taking a well-deserved rest.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 27 minutes, 09 seconds