Tristan Baldwin vs. Zach Altovito

Bro Battle

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Tristan Baldwin arrives at the Bro Battle house for a weekend of wrestling and finds the house not in a state that he is accustomed to. Obviously he feels that he is the headliner for the weekend, the Grade-A prime beef to which everyone else pales in comparison. When he orders Zach Altovito to meet him on the mat, the trash talking between the two shifts into overdrive. Finally fed up with one another, the two go at in on the mat.

The pair have obvious chemistry with each other. Similar in size and strength, the back and forth between Tristan and Zach ensures that neither has a decided advantage in the match. Each uses their strength to at times seal their opponent in a power move, devastating the effectiveness of their opponents muscles.

In the end, there can be only one alpha. Will it be the cocky Tristan, a veteran of the underground scene, who feels as though his spot at the top of mountain is owed to him? Or will Zach claim the apex, knocking down Tristan a peg or two and letting him know that although Tristan may have been something in the day, today is a new day, and there is a new top dog?

Total Running Time: 26 minutes, 44 seconds

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