Ty Alexander vs. Austin Cooper (From The Vault)


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Me and Ty can’t agree who was responsible for the success of our last match. Austin Cooper doesn’t want to take sides, until I insult his pathetic piledriver and weak double bicep pose. I challenge Ty and Austin to a poseoff/piledriver comparison contest and instantly regret it when Austin loses his cool, stripping down to his speedo and throwing poor Ty into the ring to demolish him. It’s okay, I think. We’re still friends.

Austin strips Ty, then hoists him off his feet as punishment for talkin’ trash. I try to intervene, but sometimes you just gotta let men fight it out. Ty eats mat, get slung over Austin’s shoulders, eats mat again. It’s okay, I think. We’re still friends.

Ty is scissored, figure foured, and full nelsoned. The poor kid looks like he might not survive the schooling Austin’s dishing out. I’m okay with letting it happen... until Austin pulls out a metal folding chair to bash our buddy...that’s when I finally step in. After all, we’re all still friends here. Aren’t we? AREN’T WE? Sometimes it’s honestly hard to tell.

Runtime: 18 minutes, 18 seconds