Z-Man vs. Ethan Andrews & Dr. X


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Z-Man received a phone call for a private stripping gig just outside Orlando. He shows up in full Firefighter gear to a lone lady waiting for him. Z-Man delivers the goods with his lap dance. However, Ethan Andrews and, the masked, Dr. X arrive. It appears that this was all part of their plan to get revenge on Z-Man for his overwhelming victory on Dr. X.

Ethan and Dr. X go right to town on Z-Man. Starting with his world-class abs, they dominate Z-Man the whole time. Ethan has taped his fist for more impact. He even brought his boxing gloves to toy with the defenseless victim. It isn't long before they strip the heavy firefighter pants off their opponent to reveal small, bright red, firefighter-esque speedos. This could be embarrassing, but Z-Man isn't shy.

The duo are ruthless. Taking turns and double-teaming Z-Man, while he is helpless during his own slaughtering. Dr. X is out for revenge and he's picked the perfect cohort to bring to this party. Z-Man is pounded, stretched, slammed and turned upside-down by the maulers. Lots of tight, wrenching body scissors slow Z-Man down. He must use all his energy to protect himself from annihilation.

Dr. X brings Z-Man to the cold, concrete floor. He lays a folded steel chair on the ground and prepares to put the fire out. He picks up the limp opponent and drops him in a piledriver.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes