Zach Altovito & Mark Muscle vs. Tristan Baldwin

Bro Battle

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Zach and Mark are posing for the cameras, each showing off their respective impressive physiques. Enter Tristan Baldwin, an individual whose trash talking mouth has gotten into more than one sticky situation. Constantly writing checks his body can’t cash, Tristan soon finds himself double-teamed by the duo and quickly asleep, the victim of a sleeper.

But Zach and Mark aren’t done yet with Tristan. Taking turns beating on the cocky Baldwin, bearhugs, fireman carries, chokeholds and more are delivered. Tristan has little energy to resist the onslaught, ad the duo spare no part of Tristan’s body. Pec and ab claws are followed by more sleepers and head scissors, leaving the veteran stud screaming for mercy.

If you have every wanted to see the cocky Tristan Baldwin totally destroyed by a pair of muscular studs, then this video is for you. It is rare you see the cocky Baldwin thrown around like a rag doll just for the pure amusement of another wrestler. A masterclass in double teaming!

Total Running Time: 29 minutes, 32 seconds

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