Zach Altovito vs. Raging Beast

Bro Battle

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Zach and Raging Beast are out in the yard lifting some free weights. Soon the critiques of each other’s techniques and muscles start to flow and the duo go indoors to continue their discussion. Talking leads to action, and an arm wrestling contest ensues. A grueling best of 3 has a definitive winner, but the tests of strengths are not done. Finally a challenge to an actual match is made, and accepted, and the two extremely muscled studs go at it!

Raging Beast acknowledges that he is the “newbie” of the two, but he doesn’t see that as a disadvantage when coupled with his obvious power. Zach dials up the trash talking to the younger stud and also puts his massive muscles to good use to pour on the pain.

A crippling over the knee backbreaker has Raging Beast virtually motionless on the mat as Zach begs for his younger opponent to give up and end the pain. Eventually Raging Beast is visiting Dreamland and Zach stands over him,

Total Running Time: 22 minutes, 02 seconds

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