Joey Nux vs. AJ Black & Mason Black


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My mess up is your treasure?

Back in November, I did a big 3 day shoot. I had super hunk Joey Nux that night and I knew I wanted to see the 230 pound muscled alpha-male humiliated by someone completely opposite of him. In fact, one skinny boy wasn't enough...I wanted 2 twigs to run their mouths and order the big man around.

Joey was extra shredded as he was only days away from a bodybuilding contest he was participating in and looking to win. How embarrassing is it for a full grown muscle bound fitness champion to be hypnotized and ordered around by two JV squad newbies. Joey with his playful cockiness and arrogant smile beforehand. He doesn't know what's getting himself into...or so I thought.

This video didn't go exactly as planned, as I think the two rookies were unsure how to handle all that beef. Sure, they forced him to get on his knees to flex. They made him cluck like a chicken at the snap of a finger. They watched him bounce his pecs for their arousal and amusement.

However, things just didn't get cooking in fifth gear like I wanted. Sure it was hot watching the shredded stallion being bossed around and degraded...I just wanted a little bit more and didn't think I was gonna get top notch stuff from everyone involved.

Tell me if you think I was wrong to cut this video early. I've been wrong before so maybe I was wrong here. Watching it back, I think it is far better than what I was seeing and perhaps I was just in a mood to not think his was good.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 7 minutes

*This is a special video that has not been completed fully

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