Lightning Lad vs. Dr. Darkness


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Super strong Lightning Lad arrives for his checkup at superhero Dr. Light’s office. What he doesn’t learn until it’s too late is that it’s not Dr. Light, it’s Dr. Darkness! And he’s got his villainous sights set on destroying the Lad! After injecting him with power sapping serum, the young hero is drained and has no way to fight back against the evil Doctor! 

The Villain tortures our helpless hero, making him flex and show off his magnificent muscles, but we know he’s got more evil in store! He stretches Lad out and then destroys his pecs and super bulge with vicious claws and punches! 

With no superpowers to rely on, Lightning Lad is then tied to a torture rack and injected again and again, the Doctors potion draining the life force out of each and every muscle he has- his legs, his arms, and finally his nuclear nuts! 

Growing weary of the hero’s cries for    mercy, Doctor Darkness decides its time to up the ante, and really use his powers, by releasing him from his ropes and making Lightning Lad suffer the meanest wrestling moves in the world! Our hero suffers choke holds, bearhugs, slams, back breakers, a sexy atomic wedgie, and unfortunately for him, (if you haven’t figured it out yet) our Villain is completely obsessed with destroying his balls! Again and again he punches, claws and squeezes the hell out them (and the outline of their super suits suggests that both are kind of enjoying it!)

Poor Lightning Lad! It doesn’t look like he will escape the evil clutches of Dr. Darkness... but... is that such a bad thing? (Insert evil laugh.) 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 21 seconds

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