Chace LaChance vs. Ethan Andrews (Tickle)


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Chace LaChance - Prince of the muscle bound jobbers - awaits his doom, wrists strapped to the ring ropes, his hairy chest heaving, his tree-trunk thighs looming large in the extreme camera angle, his perfect lips parted in a delicate gasp of sadness. Chace LaChance has a weakness that goes way beyond suffering in long held submission holds, and you’re about to get a taste…

Enter Ethan Andrews, slim and sexy, running a pair of scissors up and down Chace’s torso and liberating his wrists from their bonds. He collapses, and Andrews mounts him in a schoolboy pin, proceeding to go to work on his sensitive body with a mixture of pain and pleasure...namely, tickling!

Andrews can barely contain his own cocky grin, as he hurts and harasses the bigger man, ripping off his wrestling boots and going to town on his smooth, sexy feet. Chace can barely stand it, his whole body twisting and in torment as Andrews tickles every inch of his flawless body. Stroking, petting, teasing, and titillating...Chace is in for some seriously exciting stimulation!

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 25 seconds

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