Joey Nux (Tickled by Max Quivers)


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Muscle god Joey Nux is hung up like a delicious side of beef and a masked Max Quivers feasts on his strung up muscles.  Joey is so ticklish he flinches every time Max gets any where near his smooth, tatted body.  Joey is bound barefoot wearing only a red and yellow wrestling speedo so he is fully exposed to whatever torments Max wants to inflict on him.  And Max is a sadistic bastard. Max uses a single red feather to trace Nux’s veins and muscles and the helpless wrestler squirms mightily in his bondage. His abs, legs and ribs are thoroughly teased by the feather as Max taunts him about his ticklishness and his complete helplessness.  Max is ruthless as he methodically breaks down the muscled stud.
Max ups the ante by grabbling Joey’s leg and putting his big bare foot in a lock.  Joey struggles to maintain his balance as Max works over his twitching foot with the feather.  Joey can’t stand his feet being abused this way, but he is helpless to stop the torture. Joey’s massive thighs and even his face are subjected to the humiliating feather treatment, and he just has to take it.  Max decides to make things more interesting and releases Joey from his ropes only to manhandle into hold after hold and tickling him almost to death. Joey’s pits are not spared and Max pins his arm behind his head and attacks the exposed armpit with a vengeance.  Joey’s sensitive feet are subjected to more tickling until Joey is broken.

Total Run-time: 15 minutes, 5 seconds

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