5-Way Free-For-All


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Matty O’Boy is shoved by his boyfriend into the middle of the mat and the competition starts fast. Jayden surprises by giving up quickly. It’s a non-stop battle though. As soon as one man gives up another takes his place. Constant action and excitement with 5 twink cuties. 

One-on-one as the 3 others admire and plot their attacks on the others. Looking for their strengths and weaknesses while trying to play mind games with each foe. Intense mat wrestling between less than 160 pound guys full of energy. 

Back-and-forth action with some great 4-on-1 action at times, including a massive team wedgie on James Quarterstaf that has him picking his spandex from the deep dark regions of his butt. 

This is just the start of the lawlessness. All 5 lads go into free-for-all mode including double and triple teaming.  Exhaustion sets in around 22 minutes where we start seeing who may end up being King of the Mountain..the last man standing. No one is eager to lose and the aggressiveness continues right until the last knock out. 

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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