Aaron Lopez vs. Drago


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Aaron Lopez is a tight-bodied kid with an even tighter fade. He’s cute, athletic, and looks incredible in his gold lamé speedos, white boots, and wrist cuffs. With a killer smile, and an endearing uncertainty, he stretches in anticipation of his big match. But his big match is with a much bigger dude.

Enter Drago, whose bulging shoulders start where Aaron’s chin begins. His torso is hard, shiny, and stacked with muscle. Aaron’s eyes nearly pop out of his head at the sight of his rock hard opponent. Bewildered, Aaron is swept off his feet by the barefoot bruiser and tortured over his shoulders. Drago’s thighs bulge under the weight of the smaller wrestler. Suddenly Aaron finds Drago’s bare food buried deep in his lower back while his arms are yanked behind him. Drago sculpts Aaron into a teardrop shape, exposing his lightly hairy pits as he squirms and moans in agony and protest, then serves up a faceful of deep armpit for the prettyboy.

Boston crab! Backbreaker! Scissors. Drago’s superior legs twist and curl around the kid with expertly applied precision. “I can’t take it anymore…” moans Lopez, seconds before he’s handgagged and cameled, his words of submission buried under meaty hands. Drago uses Aaron’s hair to drag him around the ring, press him into the ropes, and pound away at his abs. Can the kid escape, or will this be the squash job of the century?

Total Run Time: 19 minutes, 1 second

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