Aaron Lopez vs. Drago & Vlad


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Big, monstrous bodybuilder Drago has been grinding wrestlers into the floor and taking names. It’s not hard to believe when you lean back and check out that impossibly muscular body. Enter little brother Vlad, a mini-version of the Russian stud. His musculature is more natural, but his fighting style is ten times meaner. Who should fight these two Russian beasts? Somebody who can stand up to them? somebody who stands a chance? Somebody who won’t end up getting smeared across the floor? Nah...let’s give them Aaron Lopez.

Pretty Aaron has definitely been competing for the title of Jobber of the Year. He’s beautiful, with an invitingly vacant stare...and NOBODY sobs, cries, begs, moans, writhes, whines, pleads, and submits louder or more pathetically! Drago camels the kid. Vlad commands the action, demanding to know how Aaron is enjoying his Russian punishment.

Vlad is closer in size to Aaron, but he’s about a million times more malevolent, wrenching Aaron’s body into one painful position after another. Hair pulling, choking, throwing, stomping...Drago’s gorgeous bare feet grinding Aaron deeper into despair. If you love the sound of jobbers in pain, turn your audio WAY up for this one!

Total Run Time: 18 minutes, 25 seconds

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