Aaron Lopez vs. Joey Nux


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Barefoot good boy Aaron Lopez stretches and strains at center ring, his sizable package brushing the soft canvas covering of the ring’s floor, as his arm and legs get the much needed extension any wrestler needs before a match. Aaron is handsome, with full lips and an innocent, inquisitive face. His thick, raven curls fade beautifully into his scalp, and his deep brown eyes calmly survey the space. A light spray of hair peeks out from his underarms as he stretches, reminding us that he’s more man than boy despite his innocent expression.

Enter Joey Nux. He’s a tatted tank with expressive lats and massive arms. Aaron doesn't even have time to process what’s happening, as his stretch is interrupted and put to the test! Within seconds the bigger Joey has him in a full nelson, his booted ankles inching closer together, threatening a painful lock. Aaron taps, sounding desperate for release...but Joey ignores this. He’s her to make a man out of Aaron.

“Fight! Come on...show me something! Just keep squirming!”

Aaron’s toes, dirty from the floor, curl and flair as he struggles against the beast. Joey releases him, begging for “some fight,” as Aaron charges him like a baby bull, only to find himself tangled in Joey’s superior arms and legs once again. Aaron is cameled, feeling Joey’s mansweat pouring onto him. Is this the end of young Aaron’s career?

Total Run Time: 20 minutes, 7 seconds

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