Ace Owens vs. Guido Genatto (My Nuts, Bro)


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Pretty boy Ace Owens stands face-to-face with Guido Genatto, flaunting his black leather jacket and running his mouth. Genatto has never been known for his forgiving nature. With his trademark calmness, and a thick foot planted square in Owens’ throat, Genatto informs the boy wonder that they will now engage in a ball bash match.

Before Owens can even mutter a question, Genatto asserts his superiority over the kid by smacking his balls and winding his legs around the lowest rope until Owens is literally screaming in pain. 

“Done! Done, done! I can’t take any more!” Owens cries, trying to maintain some calm before his face turns red and his fists punch the floor helplessly. 

“Aw, look at that fuckin’ ball sack…” Genatto remarks, as if he’s gazing at a mildly interesting cloud formation. 

Genatto’s bare feet beat Owens’ balls from behind. His hairy knee kings into Owens’ shaft, making Owens raise his voice in a nauseating agony. Genatto practically wraps his bare toes around Owens’ nuts, squeezing hard...and it’s just the beginning. 

Buckle your safety belt, and put on your protective gear. It’s an evening of ball abuse from a master pain professional, who has every intention of feeding his own hairy man balls to the loser in an effort to show him what real manly balls smell like. And if that’s not enough for you masochists out there, Genatto has one more brutal surprise from the tool shed in his back pocket. Owens may never walk properly again.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 27 minutes, 55 seconds

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