Ace Owens vs. Lucky Larsen


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Prima Donna Lucky Larsen is in the locker room in his white robe when Ace Owens saunters in.  The two wrestlers demonstrate their fitness routines, but Lucky can't mouthing off.  Ace is the wrong dude to mouth off to, and he is determined to teach Lucky a lesson. Ace is in black with black boots and Lucky is in white as they battle it out to see who is the fittest. Both wrestlers have smart mouths and wrestling chops to back up the talk.  They are pretty evenly matched, and the match is a contest to see who is the most determined to be on top.

Ace does a good job of getting his opponent wrapped up and takes real pleasure in torturing him.  Ace loves taunting his foe encouraging him to end the pain by tapping out. Lucky is made of sterner stuff and fights back as hard as he can. Lucky manages to put some hurting on his opponent, but Ace knows what he is doing and gets back on top easily.  Lucky hates the idea of tapping out and resists as long as he can.  Ace toys with his victim and puts him humiliating and painful hold.  Ace decides to see how flexible his opponent is and almost breaks his back as Lucky moans and struggles.  Lucky begs for mercy, but that's in short supply when Ace Owens is on a roll and enjoying punishing his foe.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 50 seconds

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