Ace Owens vs. MarkO


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This is the locker room fantasy you probably wish you’d seen in high school, or maybe even participated in.  Ace Owens used to be the W4H twink-in-residence, but he’s grown up a little, letting the hair grow out and showing off a few more tats.  So, he doesn’t have time for small talk with the older MarkO. But Ace seems to forget that every time he tries to get cocky, the other wrestler usually wipes the mat with him.  MarkO, ripped as ever, is offended by Ace’s talk-to-the hand attitude, and when Ace’s back is turned, MarkO grabs the chloroform from his locker and puts Ace out cold. And now the fun begins!

You know, one problem with letting your hair grow, is that it makes for a great handle when you’re subdued at someone’s mercy.  Ace has a great body, even when it’s limp on the mat from repeated hits of chloroform. But MarkO is so gloriously vascular, it’s like watching lightning bolts frozen in time.  When Ace periodically comes to, he keeps calling MarkO a jobber. To which MarkO says, “Hey, you like playing the cocky game? Well I like playing the sleepy game.” And out Ace goes again.

Ace manages to fight back a few times, but finally says he’s willing to do whatever MarkO wants, including paying for his gym membership and locker rental.  Ace just wants out, and freedom from the chloroform rag. But MarkO wants a massage, someone to pay his grocery bill, and do his laundry, so he’s not letting Ace off that easy.  Will Ace ever learn his place? Because it seems to be flat out on the mat. 

Run Time: 19 minutes, 42 seconds

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