Ace Owens vs. Max Faber


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Two lean, muscled and talented wrestlers square off in the locker room. There's no nonsense with Max Faber and Ace Owens--they both are used to dominating their opponents and both are arrogant, confident wrestlers. These two are both booted and ready to fight. Max can't resist using his foe's luxuriant mane of hair against him as he tries to dominate.  Ace is no pushover, however, and the two go at it hard. Their smooth bodies are each put on display as they strive for the top position. Round One goes to Max as he forces his opponent to submit. Ace hates the idea of submitting to Max, but he has no choice as Max methodically takes him apart.  

Ace is even more determined , but Max is just getting started.  That hair comes into play again, even after Max forces another submission.  Ace's face turns into a mask of agony as Max works him over. Max's legs turn out to be weapons of mass destruction as he chokes his foe and forces Ace's face into his crotch. Ace struggles valiantly, but he is ultimately nothing more than a toy in the hands of the merciless Max.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 8 seconds

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