Ace Owens vs. Max Quivers


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Ace certainly has a sexy look, but he isn’t the most intelligent guy at W4H. Actually, he’s not even close. This match proves our point. He’s warming up in the ring, showing off his cute body in gold trunks and black sneakers, still sporting that mop of hair his opponents love to grab (hint to Ace: everyone you’ve wrestled at W4H has used your hair to inflict further pain and abuse; you may want to try a different hairstyle). Max enters the ring in his signature black suit, tie and mask, only to be told by young Ace that, “Those aren’t wrestling clothes.” Seriously? Ace clearly has not done any research on his opponent for this match, another rookie mistake. 

As Max gives direction to our young rookie, Ace definitely appears intimidated and afraid by cowering away from the big heel. He also repeatedly pulls that mop of hair out of his face (Hey Ace, see the hint we gave you above!). When Max comments on Ace’s ring attire, Ace says he’s going for an “old school” look. Poor Ace doesn’t realize he’s in for a serious “old school” beatdown from Max, complete with some brutal cheap shots to his nuts, as well as any other dirty tactics Max chooses to use. Ace really shows his lack of experience when he tells Max that he’s only here to roll around and that “it’s not supposed to hurt.” Even in purely scientific wrestling, there’s pain, serious pain. Maybe Ace needs to consider another line of work. 

Max gives us no surprises here, unleashing his usual arsenal of brutality and cruelty on his unsuspecting rookie jobber. To his credit, Ace does attempt a few moves on the much larger and more experienced Max Quivers, but they prove to be useless. Ace even tells Max that he’s done, indicating he doesn’t want the match to continue. Little does he realize that the match is over only when Max says it’s over. Max gives Ace the full treatment – leg, knee, back, neck, arm, body, and crotch abuse. Ace is subjected to a humiliating pin, foolishly thinking the match is over. Max has one more surprise for him: a painful sleeper that leaves this jobber out cold in the center of the ring. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 15 seconds

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